Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

nipple rings solid silver design on womans breast nipple jewellery displayed on nude lady twisted nipple rings showing how they fit on models breast

montly special for 2015

Silver Nipple Rings

All the nipple rings are hand made in solid silver or 9ct solid gold. The designs have been made so you do not need a piercing to wear this erotic nipple ring jewellery.

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Non piercing jewellery is a great alternative if you want to wear nipple rings but do not want to have a piercing. The designs are hand made in several different styles. The styles are suitable for ladies and we also have a special pair for the men.

The rings are very easy to put on. Because they are hand made in solid silver and solid 9ct gold it is soft enough to open up the ring but strong enough to stay secure and in place. Open the ring up place over the erect nipples and gently squeeze together for a comfortable snug fit. You hardly know they are on. They do keep the nipple erect while you are wearing them. Very seductive.

There is also silver clips which are suitable for the woman with a smaller nipple although being adjustable the clips do fit all sizes as well. Guys there are also designs for you.

New Design

nipple rings in triple silver design

Silver Erotic Body Jewellery

All the designs on this website are hand made. All the jewellery is made in solid silver and solid 9 ct gold by a skilled silver and goldsmith. This means it will last forever. Today so much of the jewellery you find in the shops is made by machines and pumped out to the general public. Its rare to find an original piece. That is what is so special about our jewellery, you are guaranteed to have a one off original design. Each order comes in a beautiful jewellery pouch.

We have now made or in the process of making a complete range of erotic body jewellery. New designs have now been made with sexy dangles attached. The dangles get to rest on the breasts and caress them as you move. As well as nipple dangles we have now stock jewellery for the pussy and clit. For men we now stock cock rings and bottom jewellery.

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