Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Triple Nipple Rings

triple twisted nipple ring on models erect nipple

Silver Nipple Rings.

Every one is handmade in silver by our skilled silversmith.

This triple design is more suitable for the woman with the larger nipples.

No piercing is needed to wear any of the nipple jewellery.

Wearing Your Triple Nipple Rings

Place over your erect nipple and gently squeeze the ring together. With the triple nipple ring the easiest method I found was for your partner to put them in their mouth then suck them over your nipple. They can even bite the nipple ring to tighten it in place. I have woken up the next morning in bed and my nipples are still erect with the nipple ring still in place.

solid nipple rings triple style on models erect nipple

Non Piercing Nipple Jewellery

The great thing about this hand made jewellery is you do not require a piercing to wear them.

Enjoy wearing these adjustable nipple rings from

Click on the pictures below to view 3 more styles.

twisted nipple rings for your breastsbraided nipple ringssolid nipple rings

Each order comes in a beautiful jewellery pouch.

Nipple Rings are also available in Solid Gold